Our History

​JD Environmental LLC was started in the 1990s by Don Branton, a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison. Don has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with lead and asbestos. 

Jamie Branton has been in business with Don since the company began and is a licensed State of Wisconsin, Department of Health Services Asbestos Inspector and Supervisor, as well as a State of Wisconsin, Department of Health Services Lead Supervisor. Over the years Jamie has gained extensive knowledge working with asbestos, lead and mold projects. He is always willing to help homeowners learn more about how to correctly handle these sometimes unexpected situations.

Our employees are licensed by the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services and regularly attend classes to keep current with state regulations, laws, and procedures. 

Our employees use high tech equipment, including an air powered chisel scalier, a negative air machine, and air compressors. Our employees also wear state of the art protective uniforms and breathing masks.

JD Environmental LLC is licensed with the State of Wisconsin, Department of Health Services for both Asbestos and Lead (Pb) services and is insured and bonded by Johnson Insurance services.